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a noir series by Chanell Angeli


About the Series

Nocturna is a fine art series by Chanell Angeli based on a vision she experienced during meditation. Being from Caribbean decent and a first-generation citizen of the United States, she understands the nuances and complexities between people of the African diaspora and the ocean.


The Atlanta based artist pulls on ancestral art from the encrusted artifacts of west and central Africa and the African American art of creating memory jars, to bring to you a collection that is a crossroads for people of color, between this land and the one we ALL originated from.


The works in this series are a dark a magical mosaic of seashells, cowrie shells, sea glass, black river pearls, obsidian, onyx, clear quarts, gems, black tourmaline, glass beads and more, encrusted over reflective resin on wood.

The portion of the piece that is a seamless black mirror of the universe is meant for the viewer to gaze upon and see their true nature.

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